Marketing Consultation

Marketing Consultation

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Marketing Consulation to help you scale

Marketing Consultation at SocioCandy entails market research to ensure the right methodologies are used to attract the demographic your brand focuses on thus ensuring long term scalability and sustainability.

Our Marketing Consultation helps you transition from sales to marketing. marketing that is conscious of your brand identity and not robotic in nature. Whether you wat to build a commercial brand, or a consumer friendly one, B2B brand or a portfolio one, we help you analyse the market and suggest you various marketing strategies that will correctly position you in your industry. This emphasis on market demand and our calculated response to the same helps us achieve a brand transformation for you in a way that resonates with you. We employ various content marketing strategies at the behest of the marketing plan, if you choose so, that attract progressive and exponential results.

Our marketing consultation involves one on one virtual meetings with you and your team to understand your goals, the budget as well as your timeline. Based on such parameters and the possibilities within your industry, a sound marketing plan is devised. We consult and collaborate with our clients on all steps so that you can provide your inputs and alterations because we understand the personality of each brand is owned by the people running it. We pride in letting those personalities shine through our techniques of brand promotion, awareness and reachability.

We offer first consultation free of charge to understand what we are working with beforehand. Then we dwell deeper into the paid consultations as we ask you to share your existing research and preferences and then we calculate consequences based on all possible scenarios for you. This kind of logical and weighted approach helps us statistically move forward so that the odds are ever in your favor.